Tatar Geology and Prospecting Administration (TGRU in the Russian abbreviation) is a structural division of JSC TATNEFT, which performs a full range of exploration works for all types of minerals found in the territory of Tatarstan.

A whole series of works on preliminary and detailed exploration of mineral resources, evaluation in terms of the geological and economic aspects, and preparation for commercial development is carried out successfully.

The Company's activities embrace quite a number of research areas organization:

  • Performance of thematic appraisal work on the calculation of crude oil reserves from a large number of fields. At the stage of current works, the possible commercial value of discovered deposits is estimated followed by calculation of predicted resources and conclusions are drawn about the expediency of any further geological work. The collation of theoretical calculation results applies not to Tatarstan only, but also refers to foreign countries with evaluation of new facilities in Libya and Syria.
  • Within a short period of time the Company started breaking new grounds, such as development of process schemes and pilot projects for the trial production of crude oil fields, the organization of the designer's technical supervision for implementation of design documents’ provisions at the fields. This kind of operation makes it possible to clarify details regarding the structure, morphology, occurrence conditions and fossil quality.
  • The latest technologies of petroleum exploration and oil search and prospecting, developed in the Tatar Geological Survey Company, have made it possible to significantly reduce the drilling of dry or inappropriate wells by almost one quarter, thanks to which the budget has saved about RUB 100 million rubles.
  • The organization of monitoring and environmental control groups in the south-eastern part of the Republic, which carry out systematic observations of the composition and general state of the hydrosphere. There are 460 equipped points of such environmental monitoring established for handling this task.

The geological exploration in Tatarstan has great prospects, as the activity of the TGRU Company implies a continuous introduction of innovations both in terms of technologies and at a conceptual theoretical level.

  1. Drilling of water supply and bitumen wells
  2. Information technologdies and databases
  3. Oil fields development
  4. Non-metallic minerals, engineering geology
  5. Laboratory support
  6. Calculation of the oil fields’ reserves
  7. Hydrogeology and ecology
  8. Seismology and topogeodesy
  9. Provision of geological information