Tatar Geology and Prospecting Administration (TGRU in the Russian abbreviation) is a structural division of JSC TATNEFT, which performs a full range of exploration works for all types of minerals found in the territory of Tatarstan.

Thematic works are successfully carried out at the Tatar Geology and Prospecting Administration on estimating of petroleum reserves of a number of oil fields, including those outside of Tatarstan, in the CIS and far abroad countries with access to the new targets in Syria and Libya.

New areas of the activities, such as drafting of programs and projects for oil fields pilot operations, technological development schemes, supervision over implementation of the engineering design documents in the fields are being developed at an accelerated rate.

Application of new technologies for prospecting and exploration of oil developed at TGRU has allowed reduction in drilling known dry exploratory wells up to 25%, which accounts for annual savings in the amount of about 100 million rubles.

The Administration has discovered 12 natural bitumen and 6 underground drinking water deposits in the Republic of Tatarstan in recent years.

TGRU has organized a network of environmental control in the south-eastern part of the Republic, which provides for systematic observations of the hydrosphere in the monitoring mode: there are 460 stations equipped and operated for the environmental monitoring.